Wedding Facts

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?
Wedding entertainment averages less than 5% of the cost of the entire wedding yet no other vendor will have a bigger impact on your reception than your wedding entertainment.  Pick a wedding DJ or band that you can depend on and is entertaining!
So, how much is your wedding DJ going to cost? This depends on how comfortable you are with your DJ’s experience, equipment, personality, lighting and attention to detail. You should try unique things because your wedding is far from ordinary. This does not mean you need to break the bank with wedding DJ prices, but see what options are really worth the cost. The typical wedding DJ cost will vary between $900-$2000. In the short term, the price you pay for your wedding DJ will definitely be a factor in your budget.
80% of the success of your wedding is based on the entertainment. If you want to have a great time, you should hire a DJ or band that knows how to run a good party!  My recommendation is to stay far, far away from the cheapest and when you look for and interview potential DJs, look for someone whom you can trust and who’s company you can enjoy at your wedding reception.
Wedding Ceremony – A wedding ceremony can be held anywhere from your local church to a park, lake or backyard.  The number of guests that you invite will affect the cost of your wedding reception.  The type of ceremony, from religious to contemporary to traditional, will  also have an impact on the cost. To save money consider having an officiant preform your ceremony at your wedding reception site so you can avoid paying an additional location fee.
Rehearsal Dinner – The groom’s parents traditionally host the rehearsal dinner, but depending on your situation, you may want to host or be involved in the planning of your wedding rehearsal dinner. To save money here, there is no reason why you couldn’t host a lunch or rehearsal party in one of your parents’ homes, and save on restaurant cost. In fact, a home is quite often intimate and pleasant for a small to medium size group.
Wedding Flowers – You will purchase more flowers for your wedding than most any other occasion in your life. In addition to the bridal bouquet, you will need the following:
* Bouquets for bridal attendants
* Boutonniere for groom
* Boutonniere for ushers and fathers
* Corsages for mothers
* Flowers to decorate the church
* Centerpieces for reception
* Bouquet and flower petals for flower girl
* Additional floral decorations for buffet tables & cake
On average, bridesmaids will spend an average of $1385 at your wedding according to Main Street.
Nearly 6,200 couples wed every day in the United States.
Average age of the bride is 27
Average age of the groom in 29
Average engagement time is 17 months
The average wedding budget is $28,000
Wedding rings for the bride and groom average approximately $6200
The bride’s family has traditionally been responsible for covering the wedding costs.  Today, however, this is becoming less and less common.  Sorry newlyweds!
The wedding gift registry industry is a $19 billion per year business!
Honeymoons are $8 billion per year!
That means that the average honeymoon budget is $3,680
91% of couples register for wedding gifts
Couples receive gifts from 200 guests on average
Guests spend more on the newlyweds than the newlyweds spends on their guests ($70 – $100)!